Monday, May 17, 2010

Introducing our new Bay-Friendly Backyard!

Drum roll please... Yes, we are done with the backyard, after nearly three months of hard work. Was it worth it? Oh yeah! Look at the photos and tell us what you think.

In trying to adequately describe the new backyard, two words come to mind: interesting and peaceful. The diversity of plants, with their varied textures, scents and colors, makes our yard so much more interesting. We enjoy just looking at everything. And the shady walkways surrounded by these gorgeous plants give us such a feeling of peace. Rick and I have been sitting in the yard every night and just admiring it. I told him last night that this is the first time in my home ownership memory that I have ever been able to look at my landscape and not see it as just a list of chores waiting to be done -- you know, weeding, edging and mowing. This yard enhances our quality of life, instead of interfering with it.

In Florida, one billion gallons of water is used every day just to water St. Augustine grass. It was that eye-opening statistic that started us on this landscape makeover back in February. I am so proud that we decided to buck the norm and Do Something Different! We can now say we are truly practicing what we preach, in our own little way and in our own little world.
 Our urban wild critters seem to enjoy the transformed yard too. We have seen our resident black racer on a regular basis, and the backyard birds are coming in a steady stream to our feeder and birdbath. The supply of "customers" to our butterfly garden is increasing every day, and last weekend we spotted our first swallowtails.  

Of course, we still have the front yard to make over, and Lisa has given us another beautiful landscape plan for that. But for just a few days, I think Rick and I have earned the chance to sit back, drink a cool beverage, and admire the results of our labors.



  1. What a beautiful job you have done! Not only is it beautiful but it's also practical, low maintenance and wildlife friendly. I'll bet you're going to enjoy your "sanctuary' immensely this summer, especially since you won't be mowing the grass.

  2. It looks beautiful Nanette. Isn't it rewarding to finally see the results of all of your hard work. Now you and Rick can have a wonderfully relaxing summer while enjoying your landscape.

  3. That backyard is really lovely to look at. The combination of plant colors brings a cool environment. For those who are too busy to do backyard beautification, there are now professional landscape designers available online to give you a free consultation.

  4. Absolutely gorgeous! Well done! Mother Nature thanks you and so do I. ;0)

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